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    Merge android11-5.4.86+ (75c93eb4) into msm-5.4 · b403cd66
    Srinivasarao P authored
    * refs/heads/tmp-75c93eb4:
      Revert one chunk from 37432a83 commit
      Revert "rpmsg: glink: Use complete_all for open states"
      ANDROID: Incremental fs: Fix selinux issues
      ANDROID: Incremental fs: Set credentials before reading/writing
      ANDROID: Incremental fs: Fix memory leak on closing file
      ANDROID: GKI: update Sony KMI symbol list
      ANDROID: ABI updates for db845c (enabling wifi)
      ANDROID: db845c_gki.fragment: Enable wifi on db845c w/ android-5.4
      UPSTREAM: arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845: Add APSS watchdog node
      UPSTREAM: arm64: dts: qcom: db845c: Move remoteproc firmware to sdm845
      UPSTREAM: ath10k: qmi: Sleep for a while before assigning MSA memory
      UPSTREAM: soc: qcom: qmi: Return EPROBE_DEFER if no address family
      ANDROID: ABI: Update allowed list for QCOM
      ANDROID: GKI: update Sony symbol list for texfat
      ANDROID: GKI: update KMI for db845c with idr_alloc_u32 added
      ANDROID: ABI: Update allowed list for QCOM
      ANDROID: ABI: update allowed list...