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mmc: core: Handle err variable properly in shutdown path

issue: "mmc0: error -22 during shutdown" logs seen
in shutdown path.

Initially the err variable is initialized with -EINVAL(22)
Before shutting down the eMMC, it make sure that eMMC
should be in active state, in order to do so
 _mmc_resume will be called in mmc_shutdown.

Since the device is already in active state it returns
from the suspend if check and returns -22 to the
mmc_shutdown and treat as error.

Making err variable 0 in the if check will help to
resolve this issue.

Change-Id: I1e34cdce48be3a4db3568cb8442b5aab9110b60c
Signed-off-by: default avatarHiren Gohel <>
parent b48d25e6
......@@ -2426,6 +2426,7 @@ static int _mmc_resume(struct mmc_host *host)
#if defined(CONFIG_SDC_QTI)
if (!mmc_card_suspended(host->card)) {
err = 0;
if (!mmc_card_suspended(host->card))
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