Commit b48d25e6 authored by qctecmdr's avatar qctecmdr Committed by Gerrit - the friendly Code Review server
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Merge "i2c: i2c-msm-geni: Report NACK as an error to client"

parents 0700b462 f811f2e8
......@@ -1235,11 +1235,15 @@ geni_i2c_txn_ret:
gi2c->cur = NULL;
gi2c->err = 0;
GENI_SE_DBG(gi2c->ipcl, false, gi2c->dev,
"i2c txn ret:%d\n", ret);
return ret;
GENI_SE_ERR(gi2c->ipcl, true, gi2c->dev,
"i2c txn ret:%d, num:%d, err%:%d\n", ret, num, gi2c->err);
if (gi2c->err)
return gi2c->err;
return ret;
static u32 geni_i2c_func(struct i2c_adapter *adap)
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